Have you created a business plan already? And if you have do you revisit it often to make sure your are still following it through or re-evaluating areas that are not longer in alignment? It is hard to stay in alignment with the mission of your business if you don’t have a direction and plan to follow. Knowing that this plan can and will change and you become more clear of how you want to make a difference in the world and what people are coming to you for.

I like to check in with my business the way I check in with my energetic body and that is with the chakra system. This is something usually talked about in yoga classes. The chakras are our energetic wheels of light and energy that govern different areas of our body. We have so many but the ones that we mostly focus on are the main 7 ones that are found along our spine. It starts from the root chakra at the base of our spine and goes up to the crown of our head.

I’m mentioning this because within our own energetic body, the chakras show when we’re not feeling grounded or stable in the sense of the root chakra, which extends from your legs, to your feet. That shows up when you’re not feeling safe in your own environment or if you’re feeling worried about finances and when you’re not taking care of your basic human needs, like shelter, food, water, sleep etc. These imbalances can show up in dreams which is something that we go deep into how the chakras show up in dreams in my certification program. Know this helps us really assess where we are and what we need to work on.

Not only does it look at the energetic body but it also relates to the physical. So if you’re having issues with PMS,creativity or infertility those are issues related to the sacral chakra, which is right below the belly in the pelvic area. The chakra system gives us a road map to our own body and what we’re going through. However, you can also use the same system for your business.

If your business had a physical body and the energy surrounding your business what would the chakras of your business look like. What plan needs to be put in place to run your business in alignment and considering this roadmap. That’s how I remain in alignment by looking at the chakras as they relate to my business.

That’s what I share with you in the video below, how we can use this to create an aligned business plan that’s going to always show you that you are really staying on your path and not straying away when a new idea pops up that doesn’t support your business growth.

What does your business plan look like? Leave a comment below