Do you consider yourself a DIY learner? Meaning whenever you’re interested in a new topic or skill you buy books, google and search things up on your own? I used to be this way and quickly found many risks with this style of learning. Resources are good and having your own experiences as well however when it comes to a skill such as dream interpretation which is so unique to the dreamer if you find yourself reading through books and googling symbols it will lead you further away from the real interpretation.

Not only that but in the world we live in with TONS of resources available at a quick search you will find yourself a number of contradicting opinions and schools of thought.

It will also overwhelm your mind not knowing which is correct which is why it’s important to connect with a teacher you resonate with. See how their teaching style is, reach out to them and find if they are the right fit for you. And if they teach a program that is live or offers coaching that can answer your questions and give you a better learning experience the better!

When I found DIY learning was giving me more anxiety and leaving me confused I started taking certification classes and trainings to become certified in all the topics I was interested in. At the time I didn’t intend to turn it all into this business but I just knew that in order to learn a new skill the right way the best option was to find a teacher I connected with and take their full training!

Not only does that give you all you need to practice the new skill for yourself it also gives you the opportunity, in the future, to turn it into a business like I did 🙂

What are your thoughts on this? Are you a DIY learner? Leave a comment below

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