When you start an online business it can get overwhelming setting up all the technical side before getting your first client. Let’s break it down and start with the 3 essential tech that you need to run an online dream interpretation business. This can apply for other businesses as well but I will be focusing specifically for those who want to be dream interpreters out there.

#1. Platform to hold the session

The first thing that I would recommend is a platform to connect with your clients and when it comes to dream interpretations I would recommend a form of communication that allows back and forth dialogue such as business phone, zoom or skype. To keep my personal and business numbers separate I use project broadcast as text app that allows call forwarding. So you’re using a business number instead of your personal number and you can set it up for work hours.

For more of a face to face interaction you can use Skype, which is free, or you can use zoom, which is free as well. Zoom is free if you’re using just one-on-one or up to 45 minutes for a group. For private sessions Zoom is my preference because I get to see the client and we have that dialogue. The reason that this is important and why I wouldn’t recommend doing interpretations through just texting or direct message (unless you’re using the voice feature) is because it doesn’t allow going back and forth as quickly and efficiently as if you were using Zoom.

With a video platform it feels like you’re in the same room with the person and with dream interpretations we don’t want to assume we know what the clients subconscious mind is saying, we need the dialogue with the dreamer to guide them into finding their own ‘aha’ moments, we just assist them in creating their own connections. I want my clients to come to that connection of the dream, what it means to them, because the symbols are going to be different for everybody and how it relates to their current or past situation.

Only they can know exactly what the dream means to them and that’s why I feel it’s important to create space for them to communicate back and forth in a session. So whichever platform you prefer to use, if you just want to be comfy in PJs and have a phone call. That’s great too.

I personally like recording the calls and sending them to my clients because another thing that happens, specifically with dream interpretations, is that In the case of a reoccurring dream it may take an extra day or two to process and something else will comes up that didn’t get addressed in that one session because there was so much information being processed in that one call. That way they can review the recording as needed. Another cool thing is that dreams start shifting. If it’s a reoccurring dream then there’s usually a problem Solving dream after the session or the dream just naturally starts to shift into a more positive dream after a session. There may be some type of closure that you can then also see from the recording and piece it together. It will be like an extra puzzle piece to the session that you had.

So that’s why I prefer Zoom, or any platform to actually connect and deliver that session with your client.

#2. Platform to hold the session

The second one would be a website or some type of landing page where people can find your offerings and book with you. People need to know how to work with you and that you even offer this service. It also let’s them see samples of your work or testimonials because with all the information out there it’s hard to really know who to trust and who to go to. The page doesn’t have to be a full blown website, it can be a landing page with some information on what you’re offering and a way to pay and schedule with you.

Some testimonials will be good too because people like to see who they connect more with. If you have a full website, there can be blogs or videos like I have on mine here! You want to check out any of my resources on this website. That’s going to help clients know who they want to work with. We live in an online world where there are so many people doing similar things that it’s really important to create that connection and for people to find you through your website, learn a little bit more about you and build that know, like and trust factor.

The website could also include an opt in to capture emails.

#3. Email

The third essential tech is an email, a way to share pieces of information even if they’re not your clients yet. For example, when somebody books with me, they get a reminder email and then a follow up with the action steps to take because I do more than just the dream interpretation. My process involves an action plan of what to do after they’ve received and deciphered this message from their subconscious.

So emails are great for follow ups after a session and also a way to share some of your philosophy for those who just joined your mailing list. It’s a way to get to know you a little bit more because not everybody is just going to find you and then book immediately. They will see if they resonate with you and the way you share info. Ask them questions, get to know the people who are interested in working with you and how you can support them through email communication.

In my upcoming certification program there is a whole section on video trainings for the tech needed to run your business smoothly and even automated. Emails is one of the topics that we’re covering along with everything else needed to run your online business. In this program not only will you become a certified dream interpreter with a specialty in your own niche but I also help you with the tech setup to remove the overwhelming aspects of starting a business.

So those those are the three essential tech needed: the platform to connect with your client, preferably face-to-face but a way to have dialogue back and forth, a website for people to find your offerings and get to know a little bit more about how you do the work and an opt in to join your email list. So they start getting to know and familiarize themselves with your education that you provide and the way that you that you connect with these dreams and how you can support them.

What tech setup have you been putting off? Leave a comment below

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