I’ve talked a lot these past few weeks about the business side of dream interpretation and how it can be added to your existing business but maybe you’re not in that stage yet or even considered it! If you’re wondering how this new twist in content I’m sharing applies to you keep reading!

Today I’m sharing a short video where I…
✅ elaborate on my dream work process
✅& how I went from being a stressed out engineer, trying to overcome and understand my suppressed emotions through exploring my dreams to having this be my full time business guiding others to do the same!

The truth is…

I never expected to leave my job to do this or even get this far and my intention behind taking trainings and certification programs was (at first) to get a deeper understanding for my own journey.

So whether you
✨already have a business,
✨want to start one
✨or just want to fully understand the process of dream interpretation for yourself everything I’m sharing is created to meet you where you are & invite you to consider what the next step could look like for you!

If you want to understand the cosmic dream alchemy process and try it for yourself TONIGHT (even if you don’t have a business) download my free workbook “How to add dream interpretation into your business”, which includes prompts and exercises to unlock your dreams. HERE.

Comment below or reach out on IG @the_dreaming_yogi if you want to start using dream interpretation in your business.