Do you wish there was a way to know if all the healing that you’re doing is actually working? If all the yoga, self-help books and essential oils are taking effect? Well, there actually is a way and I can think of four ways to know that your healing.

The truth is we are never going to be completely healed from everything, there is never going to be a time where we have nothing left to work on.

As one thing gets resolved, something else will come up and that’s the beauty of growth that comes from this journey we’re all on. However there is great benefit to knowing when you’ve found closure in a certain situation so you can then move on to the next.

This also become extra motivation because you’ll start seeing what’s working for you as you notice these shifts. If you keep a journal I recommend looking through previous journals not to live in the past but to see how far you’ve come a long.
There may still be a long way to go but we’re not where we were at the beginning of our journey

#1 Nightmares will have a resolution

  • The first way to tell you’re healing is that nightmares will start having a resolution. If you constantly deal with nightmares as a result of the inner work you’re doing you can try these 3 tools to help reduce nightmares. You’ll start noticing that as you address whatever fear is showing up in those nightmares, in real life, the nightmare will start having a resolution.
  • So for example, if you’ve been having a lot of chasing dreams where you’re running away from something and possible wake up startled never really knowing what was chasing you in the first place. You may start noticing that as you’re working through those fears in real-life these nightmares start shifting to where instead of just running endlessly you actually turn around and face what it is.
  • You may even find that it usually ends up being something positive or something not as scary, or maybe you become bigger or however the nightmare shifts for you but there will be some resolution!

#2 Problem solving in reoccurring dreams

The second way to tell you’re healing is that you will start problem solving in your reoccurring dreams.
So similar to #1 although not all reoccurring dreams are nightmares. These reoccurring dreams can be anything that feels like a dream Deja Vu moment where you know you always dream of a certain scenario or theme even if it’s slightly different each time.

And if you don’t remember your dreams grab my workbook here to help you find more details in each dream.

So for example, if you’re always trying to call someone for help and nobody’s picking up or maybe you are trying to scream or vocalize something in your dream and the words aren’t coming out. Then maybe it shifts to where somebody does show up to help you or you are actually able to voice what what you couldn’t in the past.

#3 No more repeating theme in dreams

The third way is a continuation of the last, whatever that reoccurring dream is shifts slightly to where the problem is solved and I often find that this becomes the last time my clients see these reoccurring dreams.

So even though it may or may not be a nightmare, a reoccurring dream is showing you certain things that you need to work on and will be persistent about it until it is addressed. Once you deal with it and work on them it will shift showing you’ve found closure.

Once that reoccurring dream has the problem solving solution and it closes, you won’t continue to see those themes as frequently. For example, if you have dreams where you’re always in a car and you’re crashing you won’t have those anymore. You’ll start having different dreams that have to do with different areas of your life that need to be addressed.

#4 Emotional Peaks won’t be as intense

And the fourth one, which is NOT dream related, any emotional peaks won’t be as intense. In your waking life you’ll notice that the things that used to trigger you and get you moody will have less significant. You will have less of an emotional response to those things.

All of these ways happen simultaneously showing you that you are healing. As you are reducing those emotional peaks certain people or situations won’t cause you to spiral as much. You’ll be able to respond instead of react.

Things that would cause a lot of anxiety you will no longer feel it as much or if you do then you’ll notice it won’t last as long as before like in the case of a panic attack. You may even be able to notice the emotion arise and grab your tools to regulate before it gets worse.

The healing will be felt in waking life and confirmed in your dreams! Then we just continue working on ourselves and learning as we go along the way.

So those are the four ways to know that your healing and know that all of this is working. If you want to learn more about clearing subconscious blocks and get answers in your dreams sign up for the free masterclass.

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