How would it feel to know that every day you are being guided? That ever action you take and decision you make are all leading you towards your life purpose? Knowing that every step is for your higher and greater good, not only for yourself, but for those around you. When we live in alignment we create a ripple effect for the people that surround us and the energy that we give out is different.

If you’ve been feeling tired of not knowing what that purpose is, what that next step is and what direction to take, then these are the two tools that you can use to help guide you through every decision you make.

#1 Cosmic Guidance

Astrology is the mapping of the planetary energies that were present the moment that you were born. Even though these energies have heavy influence on us and on our path we still have free will. The interesting thing about astrology is that it gives you an idea of your destiny. Pretty cool hu? There is a specific marker on your chart that shows you where your path leads to. As you start aligning with that based on your overall birth chart, life just starts flowing better and you will find less resistance and less obstacles along the way. This is not to say you will breeze through life because things happen but you will be a lot more supported and even happier once you work with these energies instead of against them.

So that is the first tool to consider when on your path towards finding your life purpose and also for the daily check ins. Really tapping into how these planets are influencing you so you can learn to maximize their effects. You can work with them to really explore things within yourself and understand what some of your biggest challenges are and the lessons behind them.

Making sure everyday you’re living with intent, instead of on autopilot going through the motions that can leave you feeling depleted and just restless.

If I lost you at astrology and have no idea where to start looking at your chart I have a quick and easy to follow workshop on how to plot your natal chart and important things to look at.

#2 Connecting to your Intuition

The second are your dreams! Dreams are going to show you what your truest desires are every night. They show you where your heart truly lies, where you’re not fulfilled and even what changes need to be made. So, start noticing what patterns are showing up in your dreams. You can even bring dreams forward by connecting to your dream guide and asking to show you the answers to specific questions in your dreams and be guided in that way.

Dreams are helping access your subconscious as you are sleeping. These images are showing up throughout the night, really showing you what that true passion is and where your heart is leading you towards. Then during your waking life, you can use astrology to really see what planets are influencing you in that moment
Keeping in mind that you still have free will and you can continue going down your current path or you can learn to work with astrology and your dreams allowing them to guide you towards your life purpose.

Putting these two together is life-changing!

Have you ever considered these two things as tools for your day-to-day life?