We are approaching the New moon in Cancer which can highlight some emotional triggers.

While the moon is in Cancer, we’re able to create a sense of security and bring our feelings and desires into the world. During this time, you could be prone to strong emotions. If you know how to plot your Natal Chart then you can have a better idea of what area of your life this moon is highlighting for you. 

Here’s a couple of ways the cancer moon can affect your dreams:

  1. Water Dreams
  2. Maternal Dreams
  3. House Dreams

Let’s talk about each of these in a little more depth.

Watch the video below for more details

Water Dreams

Cancer is a very emotional and sensitive sign so you may have more emotionally triggering dreams during this moon. Depending on where the moon falls on your personal chart and how your emotions are at this time these emotional dreams may show up as water symbols.  Water represents our emotions and the intensity of the body of water, how steady it is and how large the body of water is will show you how much these emotions are affecting you. You can also wake up feeling very emotional as sensitive matters in dreams show up.

Maternal Dreams

Cancer is also the Mother sign so literally your mom may be the main focus of your dream or your maternal figure. If you have issues with you mom these issues may show up in your dreams or you may see more feminine characters. This can also represent feminine energy of receiving and tapping into your intuition so notice how you have been feeling in these areas of your life.

House Dreams

This home-body sign can also show up as a house dream, which is pretty common, and represents your mind, body and spirit. Your personal internal home. Is this a childhood home representing some internal childhood issues to work through? Are you in a temporary home like a hotel perhaps lacking the stability of a permanent home in your waking life? The different rooms your house dreams take place in will show a different area of your personal life that you are focusing on or needs attention.

In summary, I’d like to encourage you to take time and space this week to focus on the messages that come up for you in your dreams these next few nights. Write them down, and reflect on them throughout the week.

Crystal recommendation:

  • Moonstone: Perfect for any moon ritual but especially this one with emotions so high. Moonstone will help release energy blockages and builds confidence.  It helps when feeling overly sensitive and enhances compassion and peace of mind.

Essential Oil Recommendations:

  • Whisper blend: enhances feminine energies if feeling imbalanced in this area (remember we all have both masculine and feminine energies). Helps with irritability, softens harsh moods and helps heal relationship with mother figure.
  • Bergamot for self-acceptance and knowing your worth.  Boosts self esteem and reminds you you are LOVABLE!

Did you have any of these dreams? Let me know in the comments below!