Do you deal with nightmares often? I’ve been there and I know how frightening and draining these nightmares can be!
Waking up from a nightmare usually has me feeling all jittery the rest of the day. Can you relate? Plus the tossing and turning or not being able to fall back asleep because your nightmares were so vivid and disturbing.

I hear this be one of the main reasons why people rather not remember their dreams but there is so much healing that can be done by understanding why you keep having them in the first place!

These intense emotions and fears are showing up as nightmares for things that you are not dealing with in your real life.

All dreams are healing and these nightmares are really showing you the level of fear or something that you are resisting in your day-to-day life. So you will continue to experience this until you face it head-on. And once you do, you’ll start seeing that not only the nightmare starts shifting into something more positive and problem-solving, but it’s also going to take effect in your day to day as well so it doesn’t impact you as much!

This is why it’s important to really understand what it is so that you can stop running away from them or whatever is showing up for you in these nightmares.

Work with them in your dreams and watch them start shifting your

You’ll start understanding what the fear is so that you can shift it and work with it instead of continuing to ignore it.

Either way nightmares aren’t pleasant so let’s start with the 3 tools to keep by your nightstand to stop these nightmares!

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Traditionally, dream catchers have been used in different cultures to trap bad dreams within the web and only allow the positive dreams to fall down the feathers or whatever the dreamcatcher is made out of so that only the positive dreams can flow down into the dreamer.

They are supposed to be placed above the dreamer and where the sun will shine it in the morning so the Rays of the sun light can release those bad dreams.

2. Amethyst

I like to add crystals to the dreamcatchers I make and a great crystal for nightmares is amethyst. Amethyst is really good for releasing anxiety as well as promoting sweet dreams. Use a tumbled one if you are placing it under your pillow or if you only have raw or clusters those can be placed on your nightstand.
Work with it before bed setting the intention that you’re going to have positive dreams and then placing near you.

3. Juniper Berry

Juniper berry is known as the oil of the night. It is the go-to essential oil for nightmares and night terrors, If you experience those. It helps you have the courage to face the fears while becoming aware of the lessons behind them. Nightmares are trying to teach you something about yourself, about the way you’re viewing things and how you can work with them so overcome any obstacles that seem monumental.
As you start working with this oil and tools the dream will start shifting where, for example, instead of running away from an unknown monster you turn around, face it and realize that it’s like a little puppy. But if you continue running, you really never know.

So diffusing Juniper berry brings those dark unknown areas out to light and supports you in working through them
and being able to face them.

*Side note: This oil is great for the skin as well so adding it to your nighttime skin routine doubles up as dreamwork as well. Learn more HERE.

Which tool will you try tonight?

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