During the chaotic times we’ve been experiencing over the last year it is important to not neglect our emotional and mental health. One of the reasons I love essential oils so much is because they can be used for emotional support as well.

Use the following oil suggestions during hard times

Hawaiian Sandalwood:

good for quieting a racing mind. It’s great to use it if you have trouble meditating or really tuning into your practice. If you are somebody who always has racing thoughts going on around your mind and you find it hard to take a moment to pause try diffusing Hawaiian Sandalwood. This oil is a great one that helps quiet the mind so you can really sit and settle into meditation.


blend of tree oils including Spruce, frankincense and more that combined together really help you get grounded. it’s called the grounding blend for that reason. It helps bring everything back to the present moment.

It’s also amazing for creating body-mind connection. When our energy is at a low vibration and get so caught up in our mind chatter we can become detached and ignore our body’s warning signs. This helps us reconnect with our body and mind. It’s also good for stability and helps you tap into that inner strength we all have.

Wild Orange:

A very uplifting oil on its own and combined with these other oils to enhances your mood. If you’ve been feeling pretty down wild orange will help enhance your mood bringing you more cheer and joy into your day. It also inspires abundance and this is not just abundance in the terms of money, (although that’s good too). It focuses on the abundance of life, knowing that you have more than enough in what you have right now. Reaffirming that you are fully abundant in your life.

Side note: If you want to use it with the intention of more prosperity add it this oil to some money rituals.

Siberian Fir:

Reduces emotional overwhelm. Another grounding oil as well.

How to use

Putting these all together make up my “Happy pill” blend! You can use these oils on their own or combine all four and apply this to the back of your ears, back of your neck and/or over your heart center.

Roll it on your palms and rub your hands together, then take a few deep breaths and give yourself a personal hug, rubbing the oil from your palms down your arms which is an extension of your heart chakra.

I shared some bonus oils in the video below.

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