Dream Interpretation

Dreams during the Super Moon in Libra

Tonight we are in for a treat. 

Tonight is the full “Pink Moon”, a supermoon, the first full moon of spring and the Paschal Full Moon! 

The Super Pink Moon is going to be the brightest and biggest supermoon of 2020, and it’s coming at a time when the world is in chaos. I hope this moon is like a beacon of hope for all of us spiritual seekers out there.

Here’s what that could mean for your dreams tonight:

  1. Dreams about Relationships
  2. Artistic Dreams
  3. Dress Rehearsal Dream Types
  4. Balance
  5. Justice

Let’s talk about each of these in a little more depth.

1. Dreams about Relationships

This full moon is in the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and relationships. Not only that but at this current time we are also going through social distancing and staying at home which can make us feel disconnected from the important people in our lives or putting relationships to the test. This can be highlighted with the energy of the supermoon and reflect back as dreams about relationships you either want or are struggling with. Not all dreams about people have to do with the person you are dreaming about so notice if this person or the situation in the dream resembles a characteristic you need to work on or if it is directly related to the person in your dream.

2. Artistic Dreams

Libra is also the artist of the zodiac so dreams where you channel your artistic abilities may show up especially if you’ve been having trouble expressing yourself through regular words. Stepping out of the normal and finding new ways to express yourself could be a message you are receiving. Or perhaps it would serve you to pick up a new art project and switch up the routine. Creative dreams can show you where you are lacking “color” in your life.

3. Dress Rehearsal Dream Types

Now there are different types of dreams, which I cover in my Dream Healing membership, and dress rehearsal dreams can show up during this time because Libra has such a hard time making a decision. So if you’ve been feeling this way look out for dreams that have two different paths and journal how one the one you took made you feel. There are other dreamwork techniques I share about to help you make a decision within your dreams so definitely check out my membership if you want to explore this more. The beauty behind doing this type of work in our dreams is that the mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagination so by “living” a certain reality in your dream you will wake up clearly knowing how that made you feel and will help you make a better decision.

4. Balance

With work, home and school life all crammed in one location now it may be hard to balance the scales of your day without it feeling like March and April are just one long day. Can you relate? The scales of Libra may show up in your dreams during these next few days as it shows you how off balanced you may be feeling right now. Dreams can show problem solving solutions however you may have more dreams that feel a bit all over the place. It may seem like too much to handle once you are awake so notice what the main source of imbalance is in your dream and tackle that first. The most impactful situations are what come up first in our dreams so work on that first and see how your dreams shifts.

5. Justice

If you’ve been feeling like some type of injustice is happening to you perhaps at work, home or just in general you may have dreams where authority figures show up to fight this injustice. Or dreams where the injustice is exaggerated which happens when we try to rationalize what is going on while we are awake and brush it off. Dreams will add the extra drama so you wake up feeling how you really feel so you see how much something is affecting you.

The full moon highlights your shadow side asking you to take a closer look at things around you that are creating an impact. Use this as a healing tool to develop a deeper connection with yourself and what needs to be worked out. I’d like to encourage you to take time and space this week to focus on the messages that come up for you in your dreams under this Supermoon. 

Write them down, and reflect on them throughout the week.

If you have any questions, I’m here to help. Get in touch with me in the comments, on Facebook or on IG @the_dreaming_yogi if you want help understanding how this incredible moon affects your dreams.

So what types of dreams are you having?

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