Easy DIY Shower Spray with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree essential oil is such a powerful and clarifying oil. 

For centuries people have used tea tree essential oil to reduce coughs and colds. Tea tree also helps strengthen energetic boundaries and break negative ties to unhealthy relationships. Imagine not only cleaning your home with non-toxic products but also releasing toxic energies that drain you.

Tea tree oil contains terpinen-4-ol, a natural compound that helps kill some bacteria and fungi, making tea tree oil an excellent anti-fungal agent.

As a simple cleaning agent, tea tree oil sprays are great for cleaning and sanitising in a way that doesn’t leave any unwanted chemical traces that could be potentially harmful.

I use tea tree oil around the house to clean counters, freshen laundry (and get rid of any unwanted scents after a long yoga class), freshen up the shower, and clean doorknobs. 

I don’t know about you, but I hate when the shower gets musty and mildewy. It grosses me out, but I also hate the idea of spending 20 minutes scrubbing the shower.

By spraying tea tree oil throughout the shower as soon as you get out, your shower will stay fresher longer between deep cleaning sessions.

Here’s a simple, fool-proof recipe for a must-have tea tree oil shower spray:

  1. In a BPA free spray bottle, add a cup of distilled water
  2. Then add half a cup of white vinegar
  3. And 20-30 drops of tea tree oil

White vinegar is a powerful disinfectant that is used in restaurants to clean surfaces that come into contact with food. 

White vinegar is not nearly as effective as bleach in that white vinegar only kills approximately 80% of bacteria and molds (whereas bleach kills 99.8%), but it is significantly less harmful.  

Also, white vinegar is great at breaking up hard water residue. If you live somewhere with a lot of calcium in the water (as evidenced by white spots on your dishes or shower door), white vinegar will take a lot of the headache and hassle out of scrubbing.

Tea tree oil is a great anti-fungal, and this spray will freshen up your shower so your shower is always relaxing and ready, even if you don’t have the time for a deep clean. Spray with intention so that you can create a protective barrier for your energy to not be drained making your showers not only physically cleansing but energetically as well!

Just make sure your lovely pets are not hanging out around your restroom as some oils are not safe for them.

Do you have a favorite tea tree oil shower spray recipe? Share it in the comments. If you want to get your hands on high-quality tea tree oil, get in touch. I am a doTERRA expert. doTerra is known for selling the best tea tree oil on the market.

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