Peppermint essential oil is so rejuvenating it brings me back to life. It’s fresh, soothing, and comforting, while also awakening. 

For years people have used essential oil for headaches, upset stomach and to freshen breath. Although it is a great oil to have for physical use, many don’t know about it’s emotional properties.

Benefits of peppermint include:

  1. Brings optimism
  2. Helps with clarity and renewed perspective
  3. Brings strength when facing emotional pain

It’s no wonder this under-rated oil is so popular, but how do you actually use peppermint essential oil? 

Here are my 5 favourite ways.

Way #1

Massage a drop or two, diluted, into your temples and base of the skull to alleviate headaches and see resolutions to issues in a clear, problem solving light. May even bring clarity and ideas in the form of problem solving dreams!

Way #2

Apply over your chest and upper back to open your airways. You’ll instantly feel you can breathe better allowing you to open your heart and soul where it once may have felt heavy with despair.

Way #3

Apply a roller of peppermint down the sides of your neck for clear communication and to unblock your throat chakra. If you’re having dreams of not being able to scream, speak or choking this shows resistance towards expressing yourself fully and using peppermint in this way will help.

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Way #4

Diffuse it in your work space to keep you alert and focused especially if you need an afternoon boost.

Way #5

Massage it over your stomach if you have digestive issues or nervous knots during high levels of stress. Addressing the physical effects of stress makes it easier for the mind to not take over and gets you back on track quicker so it doesn’t turn into a full blown panic.

How do you like to use peppermint oil? Share your favourite ways in the comments below. If you want to get your hands on high-quality peppermint oil, get in touch. I am a doTERRA expert. doTerra is known for selling the best peppermint oil on the market.

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