Is there anything as yummy as citrus? In aromatherapy, citrus is most commonly used to help invigorate the mind. This blend, to me, smells like an orange creamsicle and pool-side vibes. What can be better than that??

For years people have used citrus essential oils to clean, use as natural room freshener and even laundry.

Some other benefits of citrus include:

  1. Household cleaners
  2. Low appetite
  3. Uplifting your mood when feeling gloomy

But doTERRA has taken citrus one step further by creating their own blend called Citrus Bliss.

This essential oil blend is easily one of my favorites, and there are numerous ways to put it to good use to improve your emotional and physical health.

Here are my 5 favorite ways.

Way #1 – Lymphatic Drainage

Apply a few drops diluted to the bottoms of your feet in a soothing foot massage for lymphatic drainage. This will help remove waste in your system that can be bogged up from the toxins we accumulate daily. It helps detox the body and promotes anti-aging effects as well. So if you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish lately check in and try this first method.

Way #2 – Moodiness

If you wake up feeling moody and just not feeling the day (a.k.a Monday vibes) add a few drops in your diffuser as you get ready for your day. The citrus oils will help uplift your mood and get you out of your funk.

Way #3 – Energy

Waking up with no energy can make the rest of the day drag even more. Apply two drops to your pulse points or around your belly (solar plexus area) and take a few deep breaths of this oil to get you going. Note: Do not add any citrus oils to skin that will be exposed to the sun since it can cause sensitivities. That is why I prefer applying it around my belly where my shirt can cover it.

[Need a refresher? Watch my Intro to Essential Oils video]

Way #4 – Creativity

If you’re feeling a creators block happening or lacking inspiration and ideas, add 2 drops to your palms and cup your hands around your nose. Take a few deep breaths and allow the inspiration to come through. Have your journal handy so you can write whatever comes up.

Way #5 – Stress

Add a few drops in a diffuser bracelet or necklace or bring a custom citrus bliss inhaler with you to smell whenever you are feeling anxious. The invigorating scent and properties of these oils combined to make this blend will shift your mood in various ways. Stressed, moody, or just feeling ‘bleh’ give it to a try and see how your mood changes!

Bonus method:

Add a few drops to wool dryer balls as a natural fabric softener to bring fresh blissful scent to all your clothes. Much healthier than the other types of liquid fabric softeners! Join my Facebook group HERE for more practical home uses for these oils. Not on Facebook? Subscribe to my YouTube channel were I share these tips as well.

Dream Healing with Citrus Bliss

Now what does this have to do with dream healing? If you have dreams where orange or yellow are showing up a lot in negative or uncomfortable scenarios this can be showing an imbalance in the lower chakras Sacral and Solar Plexus. These centers are connected to your creativing and joy of life, passion and confidence levels at work and with your partner. These areas are also associated with hormonal and digestive issues so if you’re feeling the physical symptoms plus having dreams associated with these areas, colors, or lack of color in your dream these can point to needing a little boost from our little friend Citrus Bliss!

[Did I lose you at ‘chakras’? Here is a Quick overview on the chakras]

What is your favourite way to use citrus? Let me know in the comments.

If you want to try Citrus Bliss, get in touch. I am a doTERRA partner, and I can support you in your use of essential oils.

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