Stress Management

The Importance of Having a Daily Practice

importance of daily practice

What does having a daily practice mean to you?  Having a daily practice means so many different things to different people.  My practice doesn’t have to  look like yours.  It’s a time that you dedicate to yourself for your physical and/or mental wellbeing.  We live in a society now that is always on the go.  We are always doing instead of just being, making lists, rushing out the door, committing to others yet not committing to ourselves.

Having a daily practice can have a huge impact on how you cope with stress, anger, sadness and any of those emotions of lower frequencies by raising our vibration and refueling our souls.

Lately, I’ve been sticking to a much longer daily practice and have noticed a huge difference in my emotions and am able to focus a lot more on my work.  I do this BEFORE checking my phone and emails! It’s a form of self-care to honor your body, mind and soul by dedicating this time to what makes your soul happy.



My daily practice looks something like this, although sometimes I just have time for one or two of these activities, it all counts:

  • P- (Prep) Prepare my table with the crystals and oils I want to use.  Sit on my cushioned block and do 5 minutes of deep breathing while my tea brews up.  Sometimes I will do this while holding a mudra which is  a hand gesture and set my intention for the day.
  • O – (Oracle) Pull a card from an oracle deck and reflect on what that card means to me.
  • W – (Workout) Pick a yoga practice usually from The Yoga Goddess Academy Membership library
  • E – (Enlighten) Practice a guided meditation or use this time to visualize the life I want to have.
  • R – (Read) Read for a few minutes usually a book from one of the book clubs I’m a part of or something that will inspire me throughout my day.
  • S – (Scribe) I end my practice by journaling any reflections that came out of the card pull, meditations or just elaborate more on the vision I have for my dream life.

This ends up spelling POWERS as there is so much power in how we shape our thoughts and in using these holistic modalities to cope with stress and live a more present life.

What does your daily practice look like or would look like if you had one?  Let me know in the comments!


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