Dream Interpretation

Tips for Procrastination


When I find myself with a large to-do list I quickly get overwhelmed, stare at the list and proceed the rest of the day dreading and not knowing where to start.  Does this sound familiar?   Procrastination is tied to stress and anxiety creating that blockage in our mind that our overflowing tasks will never be fulfilled or just the laziness that comes with feeling like it will take such a long time to complete before you can fully relax.  This can also keep you up at night and affect your dreams creating a vicious cycle.  Going to bed with a lot on your mind or regretting the tasks that were not completed will keep our mind racing.   Being tired from the restlessness will make it hard to concentrate the next day and so on.  The worry remains in the subconscious mind and leaks through to your dreams causing us to try to solve the problem in our sleep.  This results in restless nights and poor quality sleep due to your mind racing aimlessly throughout the night.     So let’s break this cycle with a few tips and tools that help me get centered, focused and motivated!

  • First get centered by taking at least 10 minutes to ground yourself with a short yoga practice either online or repeating a sun salutation focusing on the breath.
  • Prioritize your to-do list with what needs to be done the quickest.  Try to limit this list creating attainable goals.  It is best to focus on the one that worries you the most and work on it with no distractions until completion.
  • Fluorite crystal increases concentration and helps make decisions.
  • Ametrine boosts inspiration and helps us break through blocks helping us take action.
  • Carnelian helps with laziness and enhances our passion for getting things done!  Keep any or all of these crystals around you while you work!
  • Another amazing tool I like to use are essential oils.  Mainly the citrus smells such as lemon, grapefruit and orange are very uplifting and motivating.  Adding a few drops into your diffuser will set the tone for the projects at hand.

Contact me for information on getting essential oils/ diffusers at wholesale price.

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