Dream Crystals


As some of you may know I am a certified Crystal Healer and I use this amazing tool for my dream work as well.  The specific vibrations of the crystals can be used to help you with your sleep and promote sweet dreams.  Some can even help you bring a dream forward! How cool is that?  One crystal can have many different properties both physical and emotional just depends on how you program it which you can learn all about that in our Crystal Healing Course.  Below I’ve listed the basic dream crystals and mention a couple other uses for them while you’re awake!

The first crystal I will mention is the Amethyst!  It is used to protect against nightmares and promote sweet dreams when placed under your pillow! This crystal can also help you understand your dreams and remember them as well making it great for us interpreters 😉 So if you struggle with nightmares this will help! 💜



My favorite dream crystal for remembering my dreams is Lepidolite 😍 Meditate with it right before bed with the affirmation that you will remember your dreams when you wake up, then place it under your pillow. The next morning place the lepidolite on your third eye for a few minutes. Everytime I do this at least 4 dreams come back to memory! Moo’s Malas has a gorgeous lepidolite mala that can be used as well!
Additional benefits of lepidolite:
💎good for learning/studying  
💎good for change & awareness
💎helps distrust, sadness and stress💎helps addictive personalities
Just to name a few 😉



If you struggle with insomnia you can hold Malachite one hour before you want to go to sleep and keep it with you when you go to bed. Do this for two weeks although you should notice a difference sooner!
Here are some more properties of this crystal:
💎Brings calm and emotional balance
💎Good for meditation 💎Helps with sadness


Clear quartz helps make dreams more vivid! It is also known as the master healer stone since it amplifies any intention, energy and the properties of other stones making it perfect to combine with other crystals!  The picture here shows a crystal grid which is one of the many ways to amplify the healing properties from the crystals used. (For this example I only used clear quartz but I usually combine different stones with similar properties) If you are interested in learning more about different dream work tools and techniques check out my Beginner Dream Interpretation course!

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