Ideal Sleep Environment

A lot of our dream issues such as restlessness and nightmares can be simple to fix with a few adjustments to your sleep environment.  I’m going to share with you some tips to explore that will promote a more restful night’s sleep 🙂

dream-chamberStarting with the most important! Your room (or dream chamber it sounds fancier ;)) keep these things in mind when decorating your room.

  • Use calming colors and try to stay away from bright and stimulating colors.
  • Try to avoid mirrors and TVs.
  • Stay away from violent pictures and aggressive imagery. Calm scenaries would be ideal.
  • Keep iyour room organized and clean, even hidden clutter can block the energy from flowing in the room making it feel heavy.
  • Limit work or studying in your room. It should be a space designated for sleeping and relaxing.
  • Try not to hang calenders full of tasks on your room walls
  • Block out any light with black out curtains if needed
  • Look up some feng shui tips for your room and see what else you’d like to incorporate in your dream chamber 😉

nightly-routinesPaying attention to your activities an hour or two before you go to bed can help you become aware of what’s keeping you up at night or why it feels like you might not be able to quiet your mind as soon as you lay in bed. Try some of these tips to help relax and ease into dreamtime:

  • No intense activity such as extensive exercise, mentally active studying or tasks
  • TV, laptops and cell phone use should be limited prior to falling asleep
  • Avoid foods that contain amino acid tryptophan  (ex:turkey, milk,bananas, cheese…), also avoid sugars and caffeine

We often expect to fall asleep immediately after running around doing housework or studying but by that time the mind is very active so try some unwinding activities such as guided meditation, calming yoga poses, read a book or anything else that helps you unwind at least an hour before bed (even 30 min would be good).Electronics.png

Electronics emit a light that suppresses melatonin in our system making us more alert and making it harder to fall asleep. When we lay in bed while playing with our phones or watching TV it can cause a great impact on the quality of sleep you’re getting! Anyone else do this? 🙋🙅🙆dream-enhancing-tools

There are many tools you can use to help you fall asleep quicker, quiet your mind and sleep throughout the night! Here are some of my favorites!

👀I use an eye pillow that not only blocks out all the light but also has some scented beads inside.🍵Night time tea 🌿lavender essential oil in my diffuser or just smelling it from the bottle💎Amethyst crystal to protect against nightmares, just to name a few! What are your favorite tools to use before bed?

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