Sleep Position Meanings

Have you ever noticed your sleep position changing if you’re a little more stressed one day? Or the position you sleep in the most? We usually shift around throughout the night but certain sleep positions can have certain effects on your body and reflect certain personality traits.


Stomach Sleepers: This position helps digestion but can be a bit stressful on your spine and neck since it’s common to twist the neck in order to breath comfortably. Some personality traits of stomach sleepers are said to be more confidence, friendly and social. They can also be a bit more sensitive to what others think although they might not vocalize it.


Log Sleepers:  This one consists of having your arms to your sides like a log. This position is good for your spine and can help with back and neck pain. The disadvantage is that it can cause wrinkles and other things due to gravity’s impact on the body. The personality traits in log sleepers may include being a bit stubborn, liking rules and can seem bossy and inflexible to others. They like a challenge and can take control of any situation.


Yearning Position:  The yearning position is another side pose but with your arms stretched in front of you. It has the same effects as the log pose (good for your back and neck but can cause wrinkles). These sleepers are dream-chasers and like to be challenged. However, they can be their own worst critics.


Fetal position:  I find myself in this position when I’m stressed about something. This pose is ideal for those who snore or are pregnant but can add some stress to our backs, necks and can restrict our airways. People who sleep like this like to plan and be in control of their lives at all times! They are worriers, sensitive and tend to overthink things. They are also kind and thoughtful. It’s common to sleep like this when going through stress since it feels like you’re protected (like a child in the womb).


Soldier position:  Back positions are one of the best sleep poses that provides natural blood flow to your organs as well as energy flow. It can also help those with digestion problems. But not so good if you’re a snorer 🙊 These sleepers seem confident to others even though they might not feel it. They can be a bit narrow-minded but they are focused, driven and loyal.


Starfish Sleeper:  This is another back position but this time your arms are stretched above your head and legs out, resembling a star. This has the same effects as the soldier position (best pose for blood and energy flow, helping digestive issues). It’s also good for your skin and helps work against the aging process. These sleepers are open, liberated and vibrant. They are free thinkers and confident and are open to all ways of thinking.

Which sleep position are you? 

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