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The Versatile Blogger Award!!


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

When I first started blogging back in 2015 I didn’t think people would read what I had to say.  I was going through a hard time and writing was my way of centering myself.  I closed that blog after three posts and focused on picking myself up.  Then, a year later, I started this blog with a clear mind and mission to help others who may be going through anxiety or stress related issues by helping them understand their dreams and all the different life lessons I have learned along the way.

This is why I am extremely grateful for being nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.  Thank you so much Intentergy.  Your blog is full of love and light and I truly appreciate your nomination!

This award works as a way to pay it forward to fellow bloggers by nominating 15 bloggers and get to know each other a little more by listing 7 things about yourself.

So here I go with my 7:

  1. I am half Dominican and half Mexican.
  2. I was born In Heidelberg, Germany.
  3. Spanish was my first language but I speak English fluently.
  4. I love my little border terrier mix, Benji, and get separation anxiety whenever I have to leave him home alone. He literally follows me everywhere!
  5. I was interviewed for an article on Woman Engineers for Diversity Magazine.
  6. I used to be a Latin hip hop dancer for a performing group in Texas.
  7. It brightens my day when someone gets clarity about a situation from a dream I interpreted for them 🙂


And now to pay it forward!! I am nominating these amazing bloggers!  Their work is encouraging, educational and fun!!   Please check out their amazing sites!  You guys rock!!

~Meli, The Dreaming Yogi ♥️

5 thoughts on “The Versatile Blogger Award!!”

  1. Thank you for the nomination, and for sharing seven things about yourself Meli The Dreaming Yogi. 🙂

    Here are seven things about me:

    1. My name is John (first name) Jr (suffix).

    2. I do not believe in or support or identify myself or others by race, and so I am against race itself.

    3. I do not identify with any particular social/ethnic/political/religious/et cetera group.

    4. I am male.

    5. My native language is English but I think that it would be cool to know and be able to use another language so over the years I have tried off and on to learn another language (French, Esperanto, Spanish, German) alone, and I have never gotten past the beginning level and I never even reached the basic level in any of those languages because I always give up because I am the type of person that needs to learn something like this in person with another person I am comfortable with and can use it with.

    6. I am a first born.

    7. In 6th grade I played the baritone horn in band but I wanted to play either the guitar and/or piano but they did not teach either of those instruments back when I was in school, and so I quit band after 6th grade because of that and because my band director had anger problems or something which made me uncomfortable (he literally would yell, turn red, and knock our music stands down knocking our sheet music over the floor and then he would pick them back up).

    -John Jr

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