Moonstone Mala


Check out this beautiful moonstone mala bead from my good friend @moos_malas!! I’ve been meditating with it every night and has helped me fall asleep faster! The way a mala works is you repeat a mantra as you touch every bead and repeat this for 40 days. The necklace has 108 beads plus the guru stone. By repeating these mantras you begin to reprogram your mindset into a more positive one and at the end of the 40 days the guru stone will have the energy of the mantra you stated! Aside from this meditation tool the stones used also have their own properties! Mine have the following:
*Moonstone – also known as the “Dream stone” that can help insomnia and create sweet dreams! It also promotes peace of mind and helps over-sensitivity.
*Black onyx- is a protective stone providing support in hard times and centers you when stressed.
*Rutilated quartz-helps get out of a rut and clarifies thought patterns. It’s also good for dream work!
*Gray druzy- draws out pessimism from your inner aura and calms the mind!

So a mala bead for dreams AND stress management!! Perfect for me 😍 thanks again @moos_malas!

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