Aura Photography

This past weekend I had an amazing experience (aside from hanging out with my friends in Phoenix šŸ˜‰) I tried aura photography for the first time after my beautiful team mate and friendĀ told us about her experience so thank you Lauren!! This was the Polaroid that came out with the colors meaning I am very intuitive and spiritualšŸ˜‡ I also got a spiral bound report on my chakra levels in graph format and detailed explanations of each!! The engineering side of me really liked this!! This report covers so much more: crystal recommendations, star image perspective, paragraphs on each chakra, body/mind/spirit percentages, frequency and volume of my aura, even my “soul mates” love color! I highly recommend you guys try it out if they offer it near you or if you are ever in Phoenix. Ā Felipa, at Phoenix Rising Now,Ā was so sweet and informative! She pointed out and gave very helpful advice on what areas to work on so I can be healthier! And they have a huge selection of crystals, oracle cards, and other holistic tools! Can’t wait to go again on my next trip!!


Here’s a little view inside the store! That is only one section, they had such a variety of crystals that I didn’t know where to start!! I ended up getting a small tumbled black tourmaline to wear as a necklace for protection against negative energy, celestite which is a high frequency stone that brings calm and clarity in the middle of chaotic situations and an othocera fossil to enlighten my root chakra. It’s said to stimulate the life-force energy in the body. Fossils hold the energy of the Earth and remind people that a “light of day is waiting for you after darkness.” I love this thought because it’s reassuring you that things will always get better even when we are struggling.


So what are you thoughts? EveryĀ tried or willing to try Aura photography?

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