Visualization is a good practice for stress management. Visualize in as much detail as you can your favorite place or made up place that makes you feel happy and relaxed, calm with no worries.  Focus on all senses, what do you feel, what do you see, what do you hear/smell/taste.  Whenever you are starting to feel overwhelmed just take a little mental vacation to your happy place. If you are like me and struggle to picture a vivid scenario you can practice by staring at a painting or picture and then close your eyes to see how much detail you can recall.
You can also use this as a way to calm yourself if there is an event that’s coming up and you’re nervous about. Like an outing for example. visualize the event with a positive outcome.  In both first and third person. You can see yourself laughing and having a good time as if you were watching a home video and/or if you were actually already there.  Hear your friends laughing (or whoever may be in this scenario) , see your surroundings, if food comes in taste it etc.  be as vivid as you can be. This will change your mind from all the negative forecasting outcomes we think about to the more realistic fun times we will likely have 🙂

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