Dream Interpretation



Have you ever been worried about a test at school or issue at work and find yourself dreaming about it? Maybe with different scenarios but related to what has been going through your mind while you’re awake. When we dream our subconscious mind is still awake so it makes sense that we would dream of that scary movie we watched before bedtime or a party we’re excited to plan. This seems pretty straightforward but what if we add emotional feelings or conflicts that we have not yet dealt with but is buried within our subconscious. If you pay close attention to your dreams they can make it easier for you to decipher what is really bothering you and then find a self healing tool that is appropriate for the issue at hand. This past week I had a dream about a get together I’ve been thinking about (nothing to decipher there) but I made references to my friends that I already had ice for the party. Still didn’t seem like any cryptic message. The following day I dreamed I was angry I had to go to the store for ice. That’s when I decided to read into it. Dreaming of ice suggests hardening feelings towards someone. This made sense to me as I just recently went through some emotional disputes where my feelings have been more negative towards certain people that are close to me. Now that I know it’s affecting me more than I thought I can go back to my self healing tools and use them to help me heal. I can write an angry letter (that is not delivered) to help me express and let go of my issues with that person followed by forgiveness to help me move on.

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