Dream Interpretation

Dream Interpretation Beginner Course


Hey dreamers!! I am happy to announce the launching of my School of Dreams starting with a 8 week Dream Interpretation course for beginners.  Are you curious about the messages of your dreams?  Are your dreams to random for dream dictionaries? Are you too embarrassed to share your dreams with an interpreter?  Or maybe you just don’t remember your dreams. Along with my mission to share the awareness and importance of dreams I realized I need to teach people how to understand their own dreams and provide guidance throughout this process.

This course includes:

  • How to sleep throughout the night and remember your dreams in the morning.
  • Different types of dreams
  • Tools and techniques for different types of dreams
  • How moon phases and seasons affect your dreams
  • *Plus a bonus mini lesson on the moon phases
  • What dream symbols uniquely mean to you
  • How to interpret your dreams!
  • What to do with the messages received from these dreams
  • 2 one-on-one private dream interpretations within the class

Option 1: My doTERRA team members get a discount on this course and access to all our other holistic courses and trainings.  Email me at thedreamingyogi@outlook.com to join my team or for any questions!

Option 2: You can purchase the public enrollment HERE!!

Submit your email HERE for any updates on this course. 🙂

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