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Who Are Blossoms United?


Hello again!! If you made it through my journey post you probably have an idea of how bad things got for me.  I always knew, even when I was in my darkest days, that I wanted to share with others what has helped me and what I have learned while overcoming anxiety. I overwhelmed myself with books on all sorts of topics and didn’t have a clear path. My first blog sounded more like a vent one would write on a personal diary. I left the blog, didn’t post the vent and didn’t finish many books. I put that goal on hold and even though I was overcoming my anxiety, my emotions still felt out of tune like something was missing. Until I found this amazing team, Blossoms United, a community of holistic healers who inspire and help each other grow in this field for personal development or those trying to expand their business.

Blossoms United offers:

  • Private Facebook community for team members
  • Training for starting a sacred business (for those who choose to take it)
  • A free doTERRA retail website
  • Instructions for joining doTERRA as a Wellness Advocate (this will let you purchase essential oils at a wholesale price)
  • 21 day smart start business training
  • Certification courses
    • Journey to Self-Healing through the 7 chakras, personal development course
    • Vibrational Crystal Healing course
    • Holistic Tarot Reading course
    • Mini aromatherapy course
    • As well as any other courses added while you are a member
  • 25% off essential oils with your own account.

This team also provides a variety of different workshops that guides team members to help heal others as well as themselves.   Everyone on the team shares their individual expertise making this a great community and adding to our healing tools that we will take with us on our own personal journey.

If you join my team, not only will you receive everything Blossoms United has to offer but you will also get:

  • Dream discovery session to learn how dreamwork can benefit you and your unique needs
  • Access to my private Facebook group for my team members for additional support and coaching.
  • Guidance on how to heal the issues that arise from your dreams.

How to join: 

  1. Sign up as a doTERRA Wellness Advocate under Melissa De Los Santos, ID number: 3620732:
  2. The membership is $35 (plus $4-$5 shipping for the intro packet).
  3. Sign up with an enrollment kit (or any oil of your choice) of  225pv or more for access to all the business training, the chakra course and one of the certification courses .
  4. In order to remain part of this team you must renew your doTERRA Membership annually which is a $25 fee. When you do this doTERRA will send you a FREE large bottle of Peppermint Oil, which retails for $27 but that is up to you.

***Joining Blossoms United does NOT require anyone to work the doTERRA business or sell products. It will get you a 25% off discount for any of the products that you order through your doTERRA account and you get a free doTERRA Website if you wish to make some extra money. Once again, this is completely up to you!


Check out the suggested custom kits we made that will help with sleep and emotional management.

Email me for any questions on enrollment requirements per course at











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