Crystal Healing Course


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Become A Certified Crystal Healer!

  • Self-Paced Online Course, with PDF Print Function and Free Business Materials
  • Certificate of Completion
  • The ability to use the suffix “CCH” at the end of your name.
  • Online support from myself and my team
  • Private Facebook Student Group Forum


  Course Curriculum

  • Introduction, Preparation and Recommended Materials
  • Week 1, Lesson 1- What is Vibrational Crystal Healing
  • Week 1, Lesson 2- Filling Your Cup, First
  • Week 1, Lesson 3- Your Etheric Body/Aura
  • Week 1, Lesson 4- Your Chakra System, Basic and Advanced
  • Week 1, Lesson 5- Your Road Map to Wellness
  • Week 2, Lesson 1- All About Crystals
  • Week 2, Lesson 2: Crystals by Color
  • Week 2, Lesson 3- Crystal Care, Re-tuning, Charging and Programming
  • Week 2, Lesson 4- Crystal Healing Basics
  • Week 2, Lesson 5- Advanced Healing Crystal Properties
  • Week 3, Lesson 1- Measuring and Clearing The Chakras with a Pendulum or Wand
  • Week 3, Lesson 2- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout, Self-Healing Session
  • Week 4, Lesson 1- Basic Chakra Balancing Layout for a Client Session
  • Week 4, Lesson 2- Crystal Grid Basics
  • Week 4, Lesson 3: Advanced Crystal Grids
  • Week 4, Lesson 4: Gem Water Basics
  • Week 4, Lesson 5: Advanced Crystal Elixirs
  • Week 5, Lesson 1- Shield of Protection Body Grid/Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 2- Calm Mind Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 3- Healthy Legs Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 4- Energy Boost Body Grid/Layout
  • Week 5, Lesson 5- MISC. Additional Crystal Types and Crystal Placements
  • Week 5, Lesson 6- Preparing to Give a Professional Crystal Healing Session
  • Week 6, Lesson 1- What are Doterra Essential Oils?
  • Week 7, Lesson 1- Getting to know your Essential Oil books!
  • Week 7, Lesson 2- How-to Choose Essential Oils for Balancing the Chakras
  • Week 7, Lesson 3- How to Clear and Balance the Chakras, Using Essential Oils
  • Week 8, Lesson 1: Expanding your Intuition
  • Week 8, Lesson 2: Sound Healing
  • Week 8, Lesson 3: Distance Healing with Crystals
  • Week 8, Lesson 4: The Word “Healer”, Some Food for Thought
  • Week 9, Lesson 1- The Nature of Holistic Counseling and Coaching
  • Week 9, Lesson 2- How-to Effectively Walk A Client Through Discovering & Solving Their Problems, Using the Basic Chakra System
  • Week 9, Lesson 3- Things to Instill in Your Clients and in Yourself
  • Week 9, Lesson 4- Legally Protected Titles and Words
  • Week 9, Lesson 5- Insurance and Setting Your Rates
  • Week 10, Final Lesson- Conducting a Holistic Healing/Coaching Session

Recommended Course Materials:

  1. The Crystal Healer, by Phillip Permutt
  2. Modern Essentials, by Aroma Tools
  3. Emotions and Essential Oils
  4. Vibrational Medicine, by Richard Gerber
  1. A Quartz Crystal Pendulum on a solid chain, or a Clear Quartz Wand
  2. A Complete Chakra/Crystal Healing Set Including; clear quartz, amethyst, blue lace agate, rose quartz, green aventurine, citrine, carnelian, red jasper, smoky quartz, black tourmaline
  3. My “Essential 4” Essential Oils;
    • Breathe (or Peppermint)
    • Serenity (or Lavender)
    • Citrus Bliss (or Wild Orange/Lemon)
    • Balance (or White Fir/Frankincense)

You must be registered as a Doterra Wellness Advocate under, Melissa De Los Santos, ID number: 3620732 to be eligible for this course. 

Click Here for more information and steps on joining my Doterra team.


3 thoughts on “Crystal Healing Course

    1. Hello Marica! This course is included when you enroll in my doterra team with a kit of at least $150 which includes your oils, a year membership to get discounted prices on oils, this course, mini aromatherapy course and business training (plus my mentoring) if you need it.


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