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I just added to my essential oils collection the doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy kit (you can find more kit ideas on my Essential Oils Kit post.) Aromatherapy has been proven to help calm and balance emotions. I started using essential oils when my panic attacks first started.  I found a meditation coach to help me calm my anxiety and when I first met her I was visibly shaking with nerves trying to describe to her how I was feeling. She showed me a few essentials oils and had me smell a few.  I picked the one I liked the most (wild orange) and we meditated with it.  She had me put a few drops on my finger, rub my hands together close to my face and take deep breaths.  The effects on my mood were immediate.  I felt a lot more at peace and started looking up what other essential oils there are.  I have quite the collection now.  I personally use peppermint as my go to oil when I am feeling nervous before I go out.  Peppermint relaxes the queasiness some might feel when nervous.  The lemon oil is very uplifting, perfect for becoming more alert especially after meditation.  There are other oils that help balance moods and help get a more restful sleep.  I use a few drops of lavender oil in my diffuser when I am having trouble sleeping.  I can be quite stubborn when it comes to bedtime but something about the properties in the lavender oil help me fall asleep almost instantly.  Sometimes I just smell the oil straight from the bottle.  I rarely apply these oils to my body, if you do it is recommended to use a fractionate oil so it can be properly diluted and safer for use.  I use coconut oil to dilute the oil whenever I apply it to my body.  For more information on different types of oils and their uses check my Essential Oils Kit page.

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