Quick Anti-stress Tips(Overview)

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Here’s a quick checklist of the tools and tips I used (and continue to use) to manage my stress. I will be posting short blog posts that talk more in depth over each one as well as other techniques I am learning as I go along 🙂


  •  Breathing Techniques
  •  Muscle Relaxation
    • This is an exercise of tensing each body part and then relaxing it. With practice it will be easier to detect when you are tensing up, where and how to quickly relax it before stress takes over.
  •  Coping Thoughts
    • Making a list of negative thoughts and counteracting them with positive thoughts to change your mindset.
  •  Repeated Affirmations
    • Repeating out loud and in writing a few reaffirming thoughts that you are calm and safe.
  •  EFT Tapping
    • A type of acupressure (without the needles) that uses tapping on the energy meridians with repeated statements that acknowledge and accept both physical and emotional issues.
  •  Yoga
    • Clearing the mind by focusing on deep breaths and poses.
  •  Meditation
  •  Visualization
    • Imagining, in detail with all your senses, a happy calm place that you can turn to when stress starts rising. Also use this to visualize the situation you are worried about with a happy outcome.
  •  Mindfulness Tasks
    • Focusing on every detail of basic tasks such as doing the dishes or washing your hands.


  •  Essential Oils
    • Aromatherapy uses essential oils to balance emotions, calm stress, help sleep better as well as a number of other physical remedies.
    • Peppermint oil and wild orange helps me calm my nerves.
    • Lavender oil helps me sleep better and not wake up throughout the night. (Check out the table on other essential oils and what they are used for or browse HERE for all other oils)
  •  Healing Crystals
    • Vibrational energy used with stones of different vibrations to balance your body. I also use these while meditating and repeating affirmations. Like Essential oils, different crystals have different properties that are used for different emotions.
  •  Sound Bowls
    • The vibration made by the sound of the sound bowls (also known as singing bowls) produce wavelengths that produce relaxation.
  •  Mandalas
    • Coloring a mandala will force the mind to focus on the colors, staying within the lines and the variations in the designs. This creates a break in the wave of negative thoughts by focusing on the task at hand.
  •  Teas
    • Warm herbal teas such as lavender for sleep, ginger for nausea and peppermint tea have also helped me relax and ease any queasiness caused by nerves.   They are infused by herbs and spices and usually don’t contain caffeine.

Book Recommendations

panic_workbookThis book is amazing! Really helped me understand what a panic attack is and very helpful exercises. *Note: I used this book in addition to seeking professional help.  This is not meant to cure or diagnose anything, it is just a great resource.  CLICK HERE to see the description over on Amazon.

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Please note that this blog shares tips that have worked for me and is my personal experience. This is not meant to replace any medical conditions.  Some links contain affiliate links.

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