Stress Management



When feeling stressed it can be common to feel like you’re short of breath or hyperventilating. This is actually due to exhaling more than you inhale. Instead of keeping a steady balanced breath you start breathing very quickly causing you to feel even more out of balance. It can feel very odd and scary. A simple breathing technique that helps me reset my breath and calm myself is holding my breath for a few seconds then taking a deep sigh (deep exhale). I follow this with the left nostril breathing technique which is simply covering your right nostril and breathing in and out only through your left nostril at a steady beat. Do this for about 30 seconds or until you feel more at ease then you can let go of your right nostril and start taking deep belly breaths. I picture my belly filling up like a balloon then deflating the balloon by letting all the air out. When in doubt just BREATHE!! 😥😤

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