1-on-1 Dream Interpretations


I am so excited from all the dream interpretation requests that I have been receiving that I decided to open up my services to everyone!  Each dream has a variety of dream symbols that help paint the bigger picture of what your subconscious is trying to tell you.  With my dream interpretations I will be helping you understand what these messages mean to you!  Everybody has different meanings to different symbols based on past or current situations so this one on one interaction will allow us to discuss and discover what unique meanings these symbols have and what role they play in your life. Like my favorite quote from The Talmud says “A dream that is not interpreted is like a letter that has not been opened.” Your subconscious mind is writing you a letter each night!  Are you willing to open it?


A 15 minute session is for those who just want a quick interpretation of the dream without further discussion.  You send me your dream and I will send you back a list of the symbols I see and the basic meanings of each. You are then able to decide on your own how these relate to your current situation and waking life. (Click on the 15. min button to book!)


A 30 minute session includes the dream symbols and their meanings with a 30 minute discussion where I will help you understand what this dream represents to you.  Here we will see how the dream ties into your everyday life or perhaps a past experience that was not dealt with.  If you have a pesty dream that just keeps replaying every night, this will help understand why it is happening so you can then decide what steps to take moving forward.  Usually just becoming aware of what is triggering the dream will make the dream change or go away completely!  (Click on the 30. min button to book!)


An hour session includes the dream symbols and their meanings for up to two dreams with a 60 minute discussion where I will help you understand what this dream represents to you.  If you have a similar dream that can also add to the meaning by providing different symbols to the overall message.  These two dreams do not have to be similar in any way.  Pick the top two that have been bothering you and we will discuss them and help you uncover what they are trying to tell you.  In addition to the hour discussion I will also be sending you a personalized detailed file on resources and suggestions for your dream concerns or issues that arise from the messages in these dreams.  For example this can cover tools to protect against nightmares and restlessness but can also include stress management resources if this is something that we concluded your dream was advising.   (Click on the 60. min button to book!)

Can’t wait to hear about your dreams and help you in the best way I can 🙂


Check out what some people are saying about these sessions!!

“I needed guidance with a dream I had. Meli helped me see my dream from a new angle and provided so much insight! She really knows her stuff and has such an eye for the small but important details in a dream. I’ll definitely be coming to Meli with any future dream assistance!”

Cherise Williams

“I had joined this group shortly after I suddenly started having crazy dreams. I’ve never remembered my dreams before but suddenly at age 40 I’ve found myself unable to separate my self from the intense details I’m having to live with. I joined and have already come to learn that it’s the recent trauma I’ve… Continue reading Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson

“To anyone who is interested in learning more about their dreams, and what tools you can use to interpret them I would highly recommend Meli’s course! It was way more than I ever expected. I’ve learned new crystals and essential oils to use with dream recall which is something that I personally have struggled with.… Continue reading Erika Carpenter

Erika Carpenter

“Working with Meli has given me amazing insight into my dreams. She is always eager to help and dive deeper into the meanings for you. She has genuine and real interest in how her clients lives impact their dreams and vice versa. Her interpretations are always spot on and she will always be my go… Continue reading Erika Carpenter

Erika Carpenter

“I have always been interested in dream interpretation. However, my dreams we’re getting more complex and a simple dream dictionary wasn’t doing to the trick. I decided to seek out further information. Enter Meli. I stumbled across her Facebook group about 2 months ago. I honestly don’t know what I was expecting at the time… Continue reading Jenna Haight

Jenna Haight

“Meli offers real insight into the dream realm. She is a great intuitive interpreter, she combines her gifts, with her knowledge effortlessly to provide insightful and accurate dream readings. I have always had a good experience and have learned more about my dreams and what the signs in them mean for my life and life… Continue reading Jennifer Morgan

Jennifer Morgan

“Meli did an absolutely amazing job interpreting my dreams. For so long I wondered what they meant and why I keep having them. She also suggested specific crystals to me that assist in dream recall, and a routine before I go to sleep that has been incredibly helpful. I’m so thankful to have found her.… Continue reading Kris Comtois

Kris Comtois

“I was having some very disturbing dreams that coincided with a lot of turmoil in my life. I contacted Meli and she listened attentively as I attempted to explain this very detailed and wild series of dreams and gave me a very comprehensive explanation of what my dreams were reflecting in my life. She was… Continue reading Megan Nicole Boulé

Megan Nicole Boulé

“Meli is a wonderful dream interpreter! She is super open and willing to look into your dreams from all different angles so you can get the best idea of what your dreams are trying to share! You can tell this is something she loves to do because it truly shows in her work.”

Megan Weinberg

“Meli is a wonderful Dream Interpreter. She was able to accurately identify symbols in the dream I had which gave me insight on things I should work on to improve my mental health. She also gave me tips and strategies on how to work on those issues. Her detailed analysis on my dream, as well… Continue reading Priscilla De Los Santos

Priscilla De Los Santos